Zevo Tech is a speech analytics start-up that offers a wide range of products and services for several industries. Zevo addresses the Romanian language market with unique systems for this language, while it’s language independent technology can be adapted to any other language or dialect.


With over 10 years of experience in speech processing, as part of the Speech and Dialogue research laboratory in University Politehnica of Bucharest, our team acknowledged that the market is ready for embracing speech recognition technologies. Thus, we started Zevo Tech, a start-up dedicated to bringing the tremendous developments in Artificial Intelligence, such as the great variety of Deep neural Networks, closer to the user. We integrated the speech recognition technology into a variety of applications, such as dictation, speech transcription for audio files and telephone calls analytics. Moreover, we developed a web API which can be used by any third party company to easily integrate speech technologies into their custom applications.

Horia Cucu
Horia leads Zevo in its attempt to bring ASR technology to Romanian end users. He is also an associate professor at UPB.
Lucian Georgescu
Speech Scientist & SWE
Lucian is in charge with the core speech and speaker recognition software modules in all products.
Alexandru Caranica
Senior Security & DevOps
Alex is enthusiastic about IT. He is our Security expert and responsible Cloud and Edge enablements.
Dan Oneață
Senior AI Scientist, PhD
Dan is our expert in Machine Learning, with a PhD from Universite Grenoble Alpes. He designs the DNNs for Zevo systems.
Cristian Manolache
Full-stack SWE
Cristian is responsible for the Zevo API back-end and for the speech transcription front-end.

Marius Stănescu
Senior AI Scientist, PhD
Marius is specialized in forecasting, optimization algorithms and planning, with a focus on Deep Reinforcement Learning.