Zevo Dictation

Zevo Dictation allows you to obtain real-time transcription for your speech. Hands-free and eyes-free dictation is especially useful when you cannot afford to type the text. Moreover, you save time by dictating instead of typing, while the transcription arrives in real-time for a final check.

Key features

Zevo Dictation transcribes the words you utter with high accuracy. Spend less time cleaning up your notes and more time on other tasks.

Transcription speed
Zevo Dictation transcribes as you speak, in real-time, leading to huge time savings when compared to typing.

General vocabulary
Zevo Dictation has a vocabulary of 200k+ words, thus it is able to accurately transcribe your technical terms.

Zevo Dictation uses deep learning to add capitalization and punctuation automatically, making the transcription more intelligible.

Custom vocabulary
Zevo Dictation allows you to add words to your personal vocabulary, including names and technical terms.

Zevo Dictation runs in your browser. You can use it from your office laptop or from your smartphone, while on the go.

Zevo Speech Transcription

Zevo Speech Transcription offers transcription of recorded audio which provides high accuracy at a low cost. We also provide a Web UI with this feature that makes it very easy to review and correct the transcript in minimum amount of time. Additionally, we provide convenient export to multiple formats, including several used for closed captioning. Use it in your workflow, to provide transcription services, or just to keep notes.

Key features

Speed and accuracy
Zevo Speech Transcription accurately transcribes your speech recordings in real-time. Transcription error can be rapidly corrected, as the low confidence words are highlighted.

Speaker information
Zevo Speech Transcription identifies speaker turns and associates transcribed sentences to identified speakers. Speaker identities can be created using short utterances.

Timestamp information
Zevo Speech Transcription provides timestamps for all words transcribed. Time data is retained when editing the transcript and is included in exported files.

Confidence information
Zevo Speech Transcription provides confidence information for all words transcribed, pointing out visually the words where transcription errors might have occurred.

Custom acoustic models
Zevo Speech Transcription allows you to customize your acoustic models to include utterances related to industry jargon, speaker style and accents, thus improving accuracy.

Transcription intelligibility
Zevo Speech Transcription offers you highly-intelligible transcriptions that comprise capital case words, punctuation marks and numbers written with digits.

Zevo Speech Analytics

Zevo Speech Analytics for Contact Centers is a fully featured product for analyzing customer support calls. All call recordings get accurately transcribed and analyzed using AI that inspects both the audio and the transcript to extract sentiment plus other metrics and entities. The annotated calls can then be queried from the reporting Web UI and details of individual calls can be quickly reviewed.

Key features

Script compliance
Zevo Speech Analytics estimates how close your call operators followed the pre-designed script when calling to promote your products or services.

Operator evaluation
Zevo Speech Analytics allows you to evaluate your call operators by analyzing all their calls, not by merely sampling through their interactions.

Recurrent customer complaints
Zevo Speech Analytics identifies problems expressed recurrently by your customers pointing you to critical issues of your business.

Customer satisfaction
Zevo Speech Analytics analyzes your customers emotions using both what they say and how they say it, offering an important tool to estimate customer satisfaction.

Custom acoustic models
Zevo Speech Analytics allows you to customize your acoustic models to include utterances related to industry jargon, speaker style and accents, thus improving accuracy.

Call analytics at the edge
Zevo Speech Analytics offers control, data privacy and security by providing call analytics at the Edge (i.e. on client’s infrastructure).

Zevo API

Zevo REST API enable developers to embed the entire speech-to-text, natural language understanding, and audio analytics capabilities of the Zevo platform into their applications or connected devices. Sample applications could be CRM, software companies looking to transcribe their telephonic sales interactions, or voice control of consumer or enterprise IoT devices.

Key features

Modern RESTful API
Zevo APIs are modern, well-documented RESTful APIs.

Comprehensive APIs
We provide a comprehensive set of APIs. We go beyond the bare minimum set to provide APIs that have proven valuable in real life applications.

Deploy at the Edge or in Cloud
These APIs are accessible both in the Cloud and at the Edge (i.e. on client’s infrastructure).